Hello again already.

Gran was a little late with my June page so here is July already

 S_2008-07-01-001 Canada Day lr.jpg

 Let's start with a


S_2008-07-01-002 Canada Day lr.jpg 

 S_2008-07-06-004 QUINN 1ST SWIM.jpg
 S_2008-07-06-005 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG

 Time for my very first swim in Gran's pool

Starting off in my chariot. I like this swimming thing

S_2008-07-06-008 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG

 S_2008-07-06-037 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG

Now, out I get and play in the pool with Mommy and Daddy.

I was not even afraid once!

 S_2008-07-06-047 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG
S_2008-07-06-052 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG S_2008-07-06-053 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG


 S_2008-07-06-060 Quinn 1st Swim.JPG

 S_2008-07-11-003 Lunch.JPG
Look who came to visit me all the way from Washington State! My Auntie Linda. We had a lovely chat over lunch.
S_2008-07-11-006 Lunch LC.JPG Mommy came to lunch with me (of course) S_2008-07-11-022 Lunch LC.JPG
Here we are visiting at Gran's again. Auntie Steph was there
S_2008-07-12-005 Visits LC.JPG S_2008-07-12-014 Visits LC.JPG S_2008-07-12-044 Visits LC.JPG

 S_2008-07-12-030 Visits LC.jpg

 S_2008-07-12-036 Visits LC.jpg

 S_2008-07-12-039 Visits LC.jpg

A day at the park with Mommy and Daddy

 S_2008-07-13 Quinn 7 months_swinging 003_lr.jpg

 S_2008-07-13 Quinn 7 months_swinging 020_lr.jpg

 S_2008-07-13 Quinn 7 months_swinging 035_lr.jpg
S_2008-07-13 Quinn 7 months_swinging 048_crop_lr.jpg
And back to Gran's to go swimming with Ella and Gran and Auntie Agnes and Uncle Dennis.

 S_2008-07-18-001 Babies Swim.JPG

 S_2008-07-18-025 Babies Swim.JPG

 S_2008-07-18-021 Babies Swim.JPG
S_2008-07-18-028 Babies Swim.JPG S_2008-07-18-036 Babies Swim.JPG S_2008-07-18-033 Babies Swim.JPG

After Swimmimg. . .

S_2008-07-18-041 Dinner and Fun.JPG S_2008-07-18-045 Dinner and Fun.JPG

Wow! More visitors from the west coast!

Auntie Laurie came from Vancouver to see me with my cousins Kaden and Jake.


 S_2008-07-25-011 BACKYARD.jpg
S_2008-07-25-025 Backyard.jpg S_2008-07-25-023 BACKYARD.jpg S_2008-07-25-028 Backyard.JPG
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