Here I am again with more Family Fun

S_2008-06-10-001 Quinn.JPG

Here are some pictures with Gran. We have lots of fun together.

I love to hear my Gran sing (this won't last long)

   S_2008-06-17-011 DINNER.jpg
S_2008-06-17-014 DINNER.jpg
I also have fun with Mommy and Daddy and my Great Grandpa  S_2008-06-10-016 Grandpa Bday.jpg  S_2008-06-15-001 Quinn 6 months lr.jpg
S_2008-06-17-017 DINNER.jpg

S_2008-06-17-006 DINNER.jpg

 S_2008-06-20-001 Quinn 6 months lr.jpg Just kicking back and having tons of fun  S_2008-06-20-002 Quinn 6 months lr.jpg
S_2008-06-24-001 Quinn 6 months lr.jpg
 S_2008-06-21-001 VISIT GRAN.jpg

I went to visit Gran in the hospital and so did my friend Ella
 S_2008-06-22-008 ELLA VISIT GRAN.jpg

Had some fun and lunch at Gran's

S_2008-06-24-002 Quinn at Grans.JPG S_2008-06-25-001 Quinn at Grans.JPG
 S_2008-06-25-005 Quinn at Grans.JPG Mommy and Aunt Agnes were building a toy for Ella and I to play in at Gran's  S_2008-06-25-007 Quinn at Grans.JPG
S_2008-06-25-011 Quinn at Grans.JPG

What a great toy it is! We can play and laugh.

S_2008-06-25-016 Quinn at Grans.JPG
 S_2008-06-25-022 Quinn at Grans.JPG  S_2008-06-25-020 Quinn at Grans.JPG This is my good friend Ella. She is just a little younger than me but soon we will both be running around the house.

I have decided to get into the whole computer thing. I already know what to do

S_2008-06-27-003 Quinn at Grans.JPG S_2008-06-27-004 Quinn at Grans.JPG
   S_2008-06-30-002 Quinn 7 months lr.jpg

Don't forget that I am a pretty girl and will be making sure I have no shinny nose for my "public".
 S_2008-06-30-003 Quinn 7 months lr.jpg Very cool outfit in my DJ booth  
See you next month with more summer pictures
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