Easter was here and a special walk

S_2008-03-23-001 EASTER.jpg Here I am in my Easter Sunday best S_2008-03-23-009 EASTER.jpg
S_2008-03-23-024 EASTER.jpg S_2008-03-23-028 EASTER.jpg
 S_2008-03-23-012 EASTER.jpg

When I am big enough I will have some of Mommy's Easter Bird's Nest Cake

Look our Daddy you are gonna have to share the goodies!
 S_2008-03-23-019 EASTER.jpg
S_2008-04-01-001 Quinn.jpg


My very first Walk for a cause. We had a lovely sunny walk and lunch with Gran, Auntie Jean and Uncle Doug. What fun.

In October I hope that Aunt Agnes, Uncle Dennis and Ella can walk with us for our next walk for a cause.

S_2008-04-05-002 QUINN.jpg S_2008-04-05-004 QUINN.jpg S_2008-04-05-006 QUINN.jpg
 S_2008-04-13-002 QUINN AND JEAN.jpg  S_2008-04-13-004 QUINN AND JEAN AND DOUG.jpg  S_2008-04-13-007 QUINN AND GRAN.jpg    S_2008-04-13-014 QUINN AND MOM AND DAD.jpg
In April I went to visit Great Grandpa in the hospital. I am glad he is home now so I can visit him at home whenever we want.  S_2008-04-26-002 QUINN.jpg This is my Auntie Carol  S_2008-04-26-005 QUINN.jpg
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