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 Quinn 2 months 113_lr.jpg

 Quinn 2 months 120_lr.jpg

Uncle Paul, Auntie Rachel and Charlotte came again. They love to see me and I really love seeing them.
Quinn 2 months 124_lr.jpg My wonderful Auntie Rosa was here and Miguel (my biggest boyfriend) was by to play. Quinn 2 months 128_lr.jpg

Daddy had a birthday and I had some cake (really I did!)

Are there enough candles on that cake Daddy?

 Quinn 2 months 137_lr.jpg
Quinn 2 months 111_lr.jpg

Grandpa came to see me and I laughed for him.

 Quinn 2 months 141_lr.jpg

Nana is always here to love me and tickle me and take wonderful care of me and Mommy and Daddy.

I love you Nana
I'll be back with more pictures of my wonderul life soon (right Gran?)  Quinn 2 months 138_lr.jpg
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