More Quinn

It has been a crazy wonderful couple of months and Gran has had a busy time and hasn't got this page updated for our wonderful Quinn
Here is a update of Quinn's first couple of months

 S_2007-12-01-005 Quinn.jpg

I couldn't resist this one. I watched two little boys grow up so well together and now as Daddy and Daddy-to-be and still together.

It doesn't get much better than this. 

 S_2007-12-09-027 Quinn Shower.jpg

Finally got to have the belated baby shower.

And Aunt Holly gets some Quinn loving

 S_2007-12-09-090 Quinn Shower.jpg
S_2007-12-22-003 Quinn.JPG

Christmas shopping at Chapters

 S_2007-12-24-001 Quinn.jpg

Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

 S_2007-12-25-008 Quinn.jpg
Congratulations to Uncle Sal and Aunt Mic waiting to have their identical twin boys this year S_2008-01-05-001 Quinn Sal & Mich.jpg
 S_2008-01-20-001 Quinn SL.jpg

 S_2008-01-26-002 Quinn SL.jpg
S_2008-02-10-001 Quinn SL.jpg


 S_2008-02-09-001 Quinn SL.jpg  

 S_2008-02-02-005 Quinn.JPG

Watch me grow

Now I am 2 feet tall

 S_2008-02-04-001 Quinn SL.jpg
S_2008-02-09-003 Quinn SL.jpg S_2008-02-11-001 Quinn SL.jpg S_2008-01-30-001 Quinn SL.jpg
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