My Gran, Nanny and Great Grandpa came to visit me. I was so happy to see them all. I was held and cuddled and loved so much that Mommy and Daddy may have some trouble getting me to sleep in my bed.
Nanny was there as soon as I was born and was the first to hold me (other than Mommy and Daddy of course)  


  Gran wasn't far behind and she got to change me into my very first sleeper.

My Nanny and Gran are already planning on spoiling me, oh goody for me


  Let's not leave my Great Grandpa out. He came to see me and was just as tickled as could be to hold me and love me.

Time for a little nap and some sweet dreams in Gran's arms. I think I may get used to this.  
You know that I will be back wth some new pictures soon. . .
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